What can you do with Avail?

What can you do with Avail?

What to Expect with Avail.

Avail is a private self custodial wallet built to give users full ownership of their money as opposed to other institutions such as banks that have control over people’s funds and data. The aim is to make the user experience as enjoyable and easy to use for anyone even those with zero knowledge about digital wallets or blockchain. Alongside this we have countless features that are included in the app for all to use. This leads to the question of many, ‘'What will I be able to do with the wallet?’' In this blog we shall explore a number of use cases on how users can extract the most value and power from Avail. Let's dive in!

To stay Private

As you probably know most blockchains display all transactions conducted on the chain publicly for everyone to see, with us you don’t need to worry about all your transactions being seen by others, we provide private transactions with the help of the Privacy Preserving Blockchain were built on, Aleo.


Small Payments

Avail isn’t just another wallet to only buy crypto and hold it there to sleep because its so inconvenient to use, Avail will allow you to seamlessly use your money in order to buy items, anything from buying a coffee to paying a Gardener. The Avail user can choose any method of payment they like, when buying a coffee, tapping the phone or their Avail Physical Card on a card reader will complete the transaction. For paying the gardener, scan the code on his phone and click send. We made sure to cut out all the tedious parts of the payment process in order to make it seamless to use.

Large Payments

The only limit to how much you can spend on Avail is limited to how much money you have in your Account. You can buy Houses, Yachts or take civilisation to Mars with Avail, the sky is not the limit! For such larger transactions, users may pay in the same way as for small payments, or choose to make use of an IBAN number.

Buying & Selling Crypto & NFTs

Avail allows you to access tokens & NFTs that you can store on your wallet that you can later use to transact privately with or simply keep them there as a store of value.


Large & Small Reciepts

Avail makes it easier than ever to receive money from others being them friends, family or clients. Users paying you can easily scan your code, type in the figure and click send, you can also choose to send them a request for funds that will be sent to their chat. This can be done in app or via a link. Recieving from Avail accounts will be easier as all the sender has to do is to type the username of the recipient and send. If recieving from a non avail account giving them your IBAN will do the job. You can also recieve your pay through Avail, just give the employer your IBAN and youll have the money in your private self custodial wallet.

Smart Contract EUX (Easy User Experience)

When hearing the word Smart Contract, many people feel uncomfortable with the concept, many people don't understand it and others find normal written contracts more convenient to make because they are unsure about this tech. We at Avail made it as simple as possible for users so that anyone can use them and unlock the power of smart contracts. We believe this will change the way humans make deals with each other and embark on contracts together. Lets explore some practical use cases for Avail Smart Contracts and why life won’t be the same without it.

Selling or Buying an Item

When selling an item a contract needs to always be drafted between the buyer and seller. Instead of having to write everything down with pen or paper and risk omitting a part of the contract, avail allows you to open up the app, go to the Contracts page and choose a ready made template for sales. The contract can be filled in with the specifics and sent to the other party where it is signed or re iterated. There are several advantages to doing this apposed to a paper contract, one of them being that these smart contracts have a text counterpart written document that make them legally binding, which means if a contract is breached by a party it will hold up in court, another advantage is that the contract can never be lost, it is stored on the Aleo blockchain and can be viewed by the parties involved on the chat section or the ‘my contracts’ section. This will allow you to have everything organised. On top of this, Avail’s Smart Contracts are very easy to use so they will save time and give users peace of mind. Not to mention other advantages such as custom set reminders for the contract parties to remind them about the contract in place or allowing the smart contract to fulfil itself by making the payment automatically when the terms have been met.

Rental Agreement

Avail provides written contract templates for users to rent anything from cars to apartments to Jet Skis. For example in the Case you are renting an apartment to a student, you would go to the Avail Smart Contracts section, type in ‘'Rental Agreement’' and they will pop up, you will then select the contract, edit some specifics such as price, deposit, when are payments due and what happens when damages are incurred. You would then send the contract to the student and the student would read it and sign it. Once signed by both parties the contract is deployed privately on the Aleo blockchain. This will protect the landlord and the student as the contract has a text written counterpart that is legally binding. It is the smart contract that will facilitate the execution of the agreement.

Employment Contracts

When businesses employ workers, it is beneficial to carry out the Employment Agreements as an Avail Smart Contract by simply using our pre made templates and Iterating them. Such contracts can be easily made in a way that employees get paid automatically on the Avail app itself. This would be beneficial to the employer as all Employee and Business related contracts can be stored on Avail so when one is needed they can be all easily accessed in one place, on top of this these Employee Contracts are legally binding and very easily sent to the employee. If something is unclear about the contract to the employee then communication is as easy as sending a message on Avail and the contract can be emended. This is also beneficial to the Employee as they will have easy access to the contract they signed so they will always know what is expected from them.

Rendering or Purchasing a Service (Service Agreement)

When giving a service to someone, for example you are going to paint someone’s house it is advisable to write a contract before conducting the service to specify the terms of the service such as things like deposit amount, how much time the service is expected to take, what is the full price of the service and what the service will entail. This will keep things more professional, ensure there is no miscommunication and allow the service provider or the buyer to keep the other accountable if the terms have been breached. Once the contract has been fulfilled the smart contract can facilitate the payment to the service provider.

Borrow / Lend

Having an Avail wallet will allow you to request a sum of money that can be then given to you by a person or a pool of people. It will also allow you to lend other people money and earn interest on your loan. These loans are backed by a legal text counterpart making them legally binding so that if any payments are defaulted the borrower can be held liable. The smart contract interface will facilitate the contracts functionality. This is a tool Avail will provide for the people to operate more freely but responsibly. Lenders and borrowers are given the opportunity to communicate via chat.

Final Remarks

If you made it this far, we know your'e committed and understand our mission to give everyone around the world access to a private self custodial wallet with countless benefits! Avail will bring power to the users on it. Join us to become a part of this mission on our socials and discord. See you there!