Where would you put your money?

Where would you put your money?

Where would you put your money?

A: A place where everyone can see it.

B: A place only you can see it, and those you give permission to.


A, unfortunately, is the current state of Blockchains. Every action made on blockchains can be seen by all. That includes your transactions, the currencies and NFT's in your wallet, all your transaction history, to who you sent money, how much and more private information.

B, is Avail Wallet.

What is Avail Wallet?

avail wallet

Avail allows you to be the sole owner of your funds, whilst not being seen by anyone. In more technical terms - Avail is a private self custodial wallet.

Avail will allow you to do more with your crypto and money, like buying a house or paying for a coffee with your Avail debit card. Avail will be supercharged with additional features such as the smart contract interface combining smart contracts with legal documents giving you the power to enter agreements such as leasing your house in the same place that allows you to process the payments. Avail is power and privacy.

''Privacy is power, people can't ruin what they don't know about.''

So how does Avail manage to keep you private?


Avail keeps you private because it is built on the Aleo Blockchain. The Aleo blockchain is the first fully programmable, private blockchain. Aleo uses Zero Knowledge Proofs ( https://avail.global/blog/zero-knowledge-proofs ) in order to keep you and your money private. We tried to keep that as simple as possible, for more about the Aleo Blockchain and how it is revolutionising the blockchain industry on https://aleo.org .

Can I deposit into Avail now?

We are at the forefront of the privacy revolution in blockchain and crypto, therefore Avail is still being built. Avail will go to Testnet soon, then Mainnet where you will be able to own the power of Avail and the Aleo blockchain. Follow our socials to keep updated on the future of your privacy.

Join the community - https://discord.gg/xa52YEUFc7