Avail Launch Details

Avail Launch Details

Greetings, Avail Testnet is finally (almost) here. If you are reading this you are one of the first people that will be experiencing full ownership of your money and data in absolute privacy through the Avail Wallet. Read along to discover what features will be in the 1st ever version of Avail and how you can benefit as a user and early adopter. Let's get straight into it.

Wallet Creation

You will be able to create and own your Avail wallet based on the Aleo blockchain network. Here you can explore the wallet at it's early stage and give us feedback on what you would like to see better, your feedback is crucial for us to develop the most seamless and user friendly wallet on the market.

We have a gift for you

Before we move on to further things you'll be able to do, we have a gift for you! To thank you for being an early supporter, the first 10k users will get a FREE and unique Limited Edition Disruptor NFT. You'll be able to claim them and see them in your Avail Wallet, more on this to be announced in the coming days:)

Testnet Credits

What's a wallet if you can't try it out? You'll be able to test the wallet for the first time using Aleo Credits you'll be able to claim from the Aleo Faucet, we'll have a guide on the process. The credits can be sent to other wallets and used with dApps for you to try out your new private self custodial wallet. Transaction history will be available for you and you alone to see!

Connect to your Favourite Dapps

Connect! Connect! Connect! Explore the Aleo ecosystem through your Avail Wallet!

Developer Perks

Test your dApps in development with Avail by integrating WalletConnect. Benefit from faster scanning times and being able to reference records quickly by storing pointers to what block they are stored in on chain. For now execution will be using multiple cpu cores but we are working on getting gpu execution integrated for speed ups. We can't wait to hear your feedback and improve the wallet experience together.