The Aleo Ecosystem So Far

The Aleo Ecosystem So Far


Step into the cutting-edge realm of the Aleo blockchain, where privacy meets innovation! Based in Reno, Nevada, Aleo has become a beacon for privacy technology in decentralized ecosystems since its founding in 2019. As we unravel the dynamic landscape of Aleo, get ready to explore the most promising and impactful projects currently shaping the blockchain. Each venture is a testament to the transformative potential of decentralized applications designed with privacy at their core.

Be among the first to unlock knowledge about these industry-changing projects, poised to redefine the future of decentralized technology. Brace yourself for a journey through innovation—where privacy is not just a feature but a fundamental driving force. Stay tuned to discover the game-changers on the Aleo blockchain!


Avail Wallet

Avail Wallet

Avail Wallet is one of the main up and coming wallets on Aleo. It allows users to own their data and money without being seen by others through a private self custodial wallet. Avail will allow users to chat between one another, swap currencies, make use of an IBAN number, get a physical and virtual debit card in order to seamlessly make real world payments, hold NFT's and much more. The Smart Contract EUX (easy user experience) is another industry changing feature Avail will provide its users. It will combine Smart Contracts and Legally Binding Documents specifically catered for the users jurisdiction in order to be used in real world applications. For example the lease of a house can be done through the Avail smart contract feature that will facilitate payments and agreements in one place. Avail is a must have for those wanting a powerful, private and self custodial wallet.

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Puzzle Wallet

Puzzle Wallet

Introducing Puzzle Wallet, an application designed to handle both private and public assets, offering a degree of flexibility in asset management. Transact with a measure of privacy using zero-knowledge proofs, providing a level of confidentiality for various assets and smart contracts. Puzzle allows you to be public on your terms, indicating support for both public assets and smart contracts. Explore on-chain multiplayer games with Puzzle and have the chance to earn rewards. Additionally, Puzzle provides programmable management for shared assets through both smart contracts and MPC-based multisigs. Dive into Puzzle Wallet for a balanced experience of privacy, versatility, and security—an application that introduces you to a different facet of decentralized possibilities.

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Leo Wallet

Leo Wallet

Introducing Leo Wallet—an application that prioritizes security for a reliable user experience. Leo Wallet incorporates standard security features, including strong encryption, secure storage of private keys, and support for zero-knowledge proofs to enhance transaction privacy. Notably, it holds the distinction of being the first wallet on Aleo and is developed by Demoxlabs, bringing a sense of familiarity and trust to the decentralized landscape. Leo Wallet offers a straightforward and secure option for those looking for a standard, privacy-focused solution in their blockchain transactions.

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Disruptors are the official NFT Project for the Avail Wallet. They comprise of 10,000 unique, hand draw Disruptors with over 200 traits. The collection can be claimed for free by the first 10,000 users to download Avail wallet on Testnet. The date of this is to be announced soon. Supply is limited and no others will ever be produced. The collection is drawn by known artist Mixart and holders will be granted rewards for being an early adopter.

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Privacy Pride

Privacy Pride

The Privacy Pride is the first NFT project on Aleo. It allows you to tap into the full power of Aleo’s ZK-powered privacy. The OG Batch NFTs are free. BUT the rest of the Privacy Pride collection will cost 100 Aleo Credits to mint on Mainnet.  OG Batch NFT holders are eligible to receive a royalty share for the future Privacy Pride Mainnet sales.

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NFT Marketplaces


Aleo Store

Introducing—the pioneering NFT marketplace on Aleo, offering a straightforward platform for creating, buying, and selling NFTs. As the first NFT marketplace on Aleo, provides users with the ability to engage in these transactions anonymously. The emphasis on privacy is evident, as allows users to keep their data private and implements Zero Knowledge Proofs, ensuring a discreet and secure NFT experience. Explore for a standard yet privacy-focused option to navigate the world of NFTs on the Aleo blockchain.

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Introducing Artgo—a revolutionary platform offering a diverse range of AI models for effortless custom image creation. With Artgo, users can seamlessly convert AIGC-generated digital content into NFTs—an innovative digital asset with both collecting and investment value. Our R&D team, comprising seasoned AI and Web3 professionals, collaborates with the expertise of the Waterwheel team to provide cutting-edge AI capabilities. Artgo's vision is to establish an NFT creation and trading platform on Aleo, prioritizing the best user experience. Developed by a senior AI team, Artgo supports multiple AI models, allowing users to freely create images based on input text information. Step into the future of AI-driven NFT creation with Artgo—a platform where innovation meets user creativity.

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Aleo Games


Introducing Aleo Games—the inaugural platform featuring a variety of games on Aleo, encompassing bets, DAO voting, and ENS integration. With Aleo Games, users have the freedom to select games, invite friends, place bets, claim tickets, and utilize them for voting on future game releases. Additionally, the platform allows you to create your unique ENS. Aleo Games ensures the transparency of every action by recording all activities on the blockchain. Dive into a gaming experience where choices, bets, and unique creations are securely tracked and verified, making Aleo Games the go-to platform for decentralized entertainment.

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Arcane Finance


Introducing Arcane Finance—a groundbreaking, fully private non-custodial decentralized exchange that brings the power of fully confidential DeFi to Aleo. Fueled by zero-knowledge proofs, Arcane Finance introduces the Request for Quote (RFQ) spot exchange and the Concentrated Liquidity Automated Market Maker (AMM), revolutionizing the exchange market landscape. With tokens exchanged on Arcane Finance, experience zero slippage and trustless transactions. The modern AMM model ensures deeper liquidity and more efficient trading, setting a new standard for decentralized finance. Uncompromised privacy is at the core of Arcane Finance, leveraging Aleo's unique ZKP-based features for unparalleled confidentiality. By seamlessly combining the best of decentralized and centralized exchanges, Arcane Finance offers users both privacy and non-custodial security, providing MEV protection against various attacks that traditional DEXes may expose users to. Step into a new era of exchange markets with Arcane Finance—a platform that prioritizes efficiency, privacy, and user security in the decentralized financial landscape.

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Shadow Finance


Introducing Shadow Finance—the pioneer in decentralized and private liquidity marketplaces on Aleo. Shadowfi serves as a decentralized liquidity hub, encouraging liquidity providers and network members to enhance protocol fluidity. Its unique features include democratic voting processes that empower voters to control emission dynamics. With a focus on full privacy and protection against front-running, Shadow Finance implements an economic design deeply rooted in game theory principles, aligning incentives for all system stakeholders. The dual pool model covers both volatile and stable pairs, ensuring versatility in trading options. Shadow Finance effectively addresses the cold start liquidity problem for newer projects, providing easy access to liquidity for protocols. Join the future of decentralized finance with Shadow Finance—a platform that combines privacy, economic incentives, and innovative liquidity solutions on the Aleo blockchain.

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Aleo Swap


Welcome to AleoSwap—a dynamic platform facilitating both public and private token swaps on the Aleo blockchain. Users have the flexibility to create or contribute to liquidity pools, be it public or private, and earn fees from swaps. With AleoSwap, security takes center stage as our solution is noncustodial, ensuring that users' assets only touch their wallets for complete security. Experience innovative private trading on AleoSwap, guaranteeing maximum user privacy in every transaction. Engage in active market making to boost capital efficiency and earn extra income. AleoSwap is not just an exchange; it's a secure, private, and profit-driven ecosystem designed for users to navigate the world of token swaps on the Aleo blockchain with confidence and ease.

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Introducing Izar—a cutting-edge cross-chain interoperability protocol connecting Ethereum and Aleo, prioritizing user privacy and security through the potent capabilities of zero-knowledge cryptography. Izar's mission is to onboard a total of 10,000 validators, ensuring a robust level of decentralization in the validation process. The protocol incorporates advanced features such as ZKsnark multisig, a Pos + Poa consensus model, and time lock mechanisms to provide comprehensive protection against potential hacks. Izar is not just a bridge between blockchains; it's a privacy-centric and secure framework that pioneers the future of decentralized interoperability.

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Introducing Aleo123—a robust block explorer offering real-time insights into blockchain data, transactions, and analytics for #Aleo. Explore the power of transparency and analytics with Aleo123, providing a comprehensive view of the Aleo blockchain in action. Stay informed and navigate the Aleo ecosystem with ease using this powerful block explorer.

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Explore PrivX, the revolutionary decentralized exchange on Aleo, ensuring seamless, secure, and private trading. Prioritizing your privacy, PrivX requires no KYC or account verification, allowing easy access with Web3 wallets like MetaMask. Enjoy anonymous transactions, maintaining the option to conceal your identity and transaction details. With complete ownership of your assets and no risk of freezing, PrivX guarantees financial sovereignty. Leveraging TradingView's advanced charting and trading platforms, PrivX empowers users with real-time market visualization and analysis for informed decision-making. Experience the future of secure and private trading with PrivX.

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Introducing Obscura—a dedicated platform simplifying the development of privacy-oriented applications on blockchain technology. Offering a robust foundation, Obscura provides RPC endpoints, APIs, and SDKs to streamline app development on leading privacy-focused blockchains. Tailored tools assist developers in efficiently constructing, deploying, and maintaining applications that prioritize user privacy, leveraging Obscura's specialized infrastructure. Simplify your journey into privacy-centric app development with Obscura.

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Embark on the journey into a new era of decentralized possibilities! This blog, brought to you by Avail Wallet, offers just a glimpse of the groundbreaking ecosystem we're building alongside. Stay tuned for more updates, ecosystem changes, and exciting developments. Follow Avail on Twitter and join our Discord community for the latest news and insights. This is just the beginning—be part of the privacy revolution! 🚀

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